The Snackbot Cometh



Fantastic news proof-readers!

You may recall that a few months ago I had a very special proof-post about my extraordinary and thoroughly unique vision of the future of snacking, the SLIZZBOT.

Well the  nerds at Carnegie Mellon University did their very best to move humanity  one step closer to this magnificent vision, by creating the SNACKBOT.

In their own words, “Snackbot is a mobile robot, about the size of a very small human, that rolls around on wheels, and will be delivering snacks to students, faculty, and office workers at Carnegie Mellon University.”

Will this glorious machine ever be available commercially?  There doesn’t seem to be any mention of Detroit mass-producing these items off the assembly lines anytime soon.  If only I could get my hands on the blueprints.  I’m thinking that all it it would take is just a few modifications to have a a authentic slizzbot of my own!

McCarren Park Farmer’s Market Pictures

 Here are some pictures from the McCarren Park Farmer’s Market, which occurs every Saturday year-round from 8am to 3pm.

Check out the vendors on the McCarren Park Green Market website.  I recommend the  turkey sausage from the DiPaolo turkey stand.  If you grab some nice home baked bread from Baker’s Bounty, and some bell peppers and Spanish onions from any of the greengrocers you will be in business for some super tasty Italian-style sausage and pepper sandwiches.  I also recommend the unpasteurized goat cheese from the “Consider Bardwell” cheese stand…  Toss that on some fresh spinach and tomato for a killer salad to accompany your supper.

Here are some pictures of the locally grown produce available:

Eat a Cheesesteak for the Fightin’s

October 08 056

Ahhh October baseball.  This website didn’t exist last year at this time, but if it did I would have done a cheesesteak post to honor the Philadelphia Phillies since they were on their way to a World Series Championship. 

I know this is a mostly New York-centric blog… but I as an expatriate from the Land of Cheesesteaks will root for whomever I want.  Sorry Mets fans.

Tony Luke's

Tony Luke's

The Phillies won a very cold and tough playoff game in the distant and frozen land of Colorado last night (if you weren’t awake to watch it).  The next game is at 6:07 eastern time today.  The Phillies just need to win one more tonight to clinche the division series, and then just 8 more to propel them to become the first National League team to win two consecutive champions since the Big Red Machine.

Is there a better way to celebrate the glory of the “City of Brotherly Love”  other than with the classic Philly treat the cheesesteak?  The one pictured here is from Tony Luke’s, one of my personal favorites.  I prefer this one to the other more famous options of Pat’s and Geno’s because at Tony Luke’s they don’t really chop up their meat on the grill, the steak is left mostly intact.  This seems to make more sense to me in terms of juiciness.   Also it is always smothered in cheese and sauteed onions.  Another great perk is that their primary steak shop is right by the ball-field for easy snackage before first pitch.

All you Phillies fans out their in Cyber-land need to get your cheesesteak on for good luck today and keep your fingers crossed!  Go Fightin’s!