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Bende & Son Hungarian Smoked Kolozsvari Bacon

Bende & Son Hungarian Smoked Kolozsvari Bacon

Hey there proofreaders, it’s the Machine with the latest installment of the Monthly Bacon Blog!

With the delicious tastes from my initial foray into the Bacon of the Month Club fading into distant memory, I knew that it was almost time for my next shipment of sweet sweet bacon.  The anticipation of its arrival promised to stop the oinking reverberating in my skull.  And so, after a particularly long day of working for the man, I was pleasantly surprised to find this month’s shipment waiting for me.   Inside the box was a 16 oz slab of Bende & Son Hungarian Smoked Kolozsvari Bacon!  Dan Philips, otherwise known as “Captain Bacon,” describes it as a:
Delicious, succulent juicy sweet yet balanced with a satisfying fiery explosive balance.  Slight spice from garlic, pepper, and paprika.”

Oh and I forgot to mention the best part.  It came on a rope!!!  Bacon on rope > Soap on rope.

The Hungarians know how to do two things really well.  One is attacking Roman legions on horseback, and the other is to preparing salty pork.  Traditional Hungarian recipes may serve the bacon sliced think or thin, cooked or not, in soups or stews, or simply to add flavor to other dishes.  Thus it was daunting at first to figure out how I would properly prepare my meat.

Slab of Glory

Mouthwatering Magyar Bacon

I imagine it will be a long time where my bacon’s country of origin describes my inner feelings.  GET IT?  I WAS HUNGARY!!  (Badum-cha!)  But seriously I was…  And right on the packaging in bold green letters were the words READY TO EAT.  Is there a finer phrase that can be applied to bacon?  If so I do not know of it. 

Taking inspiration from Hungarian methods I sliced wafer-thin strips from the slab.  I fired up some flatbread as a base and topped this with just a dab of spicy mustard from the 2nd Avenue Deli (A fine establishment which awaits judgment from the Proofmeister).

These bite size treats were the perfect method for taste testing the bacon.  Shining through was a consistent but dominant pork

Proof on a Rope

Proof on a Rope

flavor.  It wasn’t too salty or too porky, but-it but-it but-it was just right.  I definitely tasted the slight spices of garlic and pepper and thought that adding the mustard really brought these flavors out.  I didn’t yet have my bacon fill, so I fired up the frying pan and also experimented by cubing some of the bacon and mixing it with some brocolli and scrambled eggs.  The pork flavor in these larger cubes was more pronounced, but overall this bacon cooked quite nicely.

I really was impressed by this bacon especially by it’s versatility.  With enough patience and a sharp knife it would make for a fine ham sandwich, and cubed or diced property a great addition to…well pretty much anything.  Remember all bacon starts out as a 10 and this bacon gets awarded an extra half point for it’s delicious versatility!  Giving the Bende & Son Hungarian Smoked Bacon a 10.5 and the Machine seal of approval.