Manhattan Inn Greenpoint

Wow, it’s been a while, but time for a good old fashioned NEGATIVE PROOF!  616px-Manhattan_Highlight_New_York_City_Map_Julius_Schorzman

A new bar in Greenpoint…  Old timey style decor, drinks, and a baby grand piano, I even like the name “Manhattan Inn”- sounds excellent right? 

GET THIS:  This place is infested with metrosexual weenies that can’t make a drink to save their lives.  I saw the part-time bartender part-time drama student mix a Manhattan straight up.  In between brandishing shakers and flourishing bottles he attempted to make what looked like an abomination in a glass.  This “cocktail” was 1/8 whiskey, 5/8 vermouth, and 2/8 bitters. 

Has the staff been properly trained in anything besides mimicry?  Do they even know what Angastora bitters taste like?  It’s a scary world out there.  If a customer pays 11 dollars a drink it should be poured by someone who has some semblance of a palate.  This bartender must put ranch dressing on his pizza and Tabasco on his eggs.

This however isnt’ the fault of the staff, the owners bear the brunt of the blame.  It is they who check references, conduct interviews, and taste the libations poured out by their hapless proletarian.  Dear Manhattan Inn Ownership:  Please send your operatives out to the real world to learn how to pour a cocktail.  I think the Holiday Inn by JFK might be a good training ground.  For your convenience I have attached a map.  You can find the major airports labeled on it clearly and it also shows your where Manhattan is actually located- across the east river from Brooklyn.  Unfortunately there is no road map of how to pour the cocktail of the same name.