The Best Scotch



Bonfires, iodine, sea spray, all this and a nice buzz can all be yours for 53.99!  Laphroaig (most frequently aged at 10 years) is my new favorite Scotch.  After trying an array of Scotches in the last few months, I as a former bourbon enthusiast have been turned on by the complex (some say medicinal) flavors of this outstanding whiskey.

This Islay region Scotch whiskey is one of the best around.  Typical of the region’s distinctive character, it happens to be the peatiest, most flavorful scotch on the market.  I find that it has way more to offer your taste buds then any of the other single malts out there.

Proofmeister fun fact: Laphroaig is the favorite Scotch of the Prince of Wales, and the only one that bears his royal warrant.

I have only recently got into Scotch, and have always wondered if all those old country club types had it right.  Apparently they do.

Does that mean that Rodney Dangerfield totally had it wrong?

I certainly hope not.  He still has the triple-lindy, and no one can’t take that away from him.  Proof.



Lunch from the Rickshaw Truck.  Sesame noodles and some pork dumplings for 9 dollars US.  A bit over priced, but still  a tasty treat, much better than the MSG-laden local spots in the meat packing district like New China and King Food.  I found the dipping sauce to be unusually tangy, which worked for me.  The dumplings seemed pretty fresh and delicious.  The noodles could have used a little more zing, but that is probably because I got to them after eating my dumplings completely submerged in the sodium-laced sauce which burned out my taste-buds.  Follow the Rickshaw Truck’s twitter here.