Miracle Fruit


Miracle Fruits

Miracle Fruits

There is a fruit from Africa that turns your taste-buds upside down.  It changes the way you perceive flavors such as bitterness and sour, and inhibits them.  The cool thing is that by inhibiting these intense flavors you can finally taste the other flavors in certain foods.

For instance, you could suck on a lemon, and only taste the intense sugar from it, giving that fruit a whole new dynamic.  You could drink gin and tonics with lime and have it taste super sweet, or a bitter beer and have a whole new experience.

The effects of this fruit seems to be very well known to some circles of foodies, and people have been having “flavor tripping” parties lately.  Check out a NY Times video of a flavor tripping party here.  It’s a video of people drinking vinegar, eating brussel sprouts, eating radishes , and gargling Tabasco on a rooftop. 

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Eating Live Octopus

Aieee!  Here is mind-blowing video gallery by the Huffington Post of people eating live octopus…  Apparently PETA is protesting eating live octopus at the dinner table in NYC restaurants.  The Huffington Post doesn’t have a stance, but I’m going to say its slightly gross and unnecessary.  I would much rather have it served grilled with some lemon.

This does not look appetizing…