Blue and Gold Closes Down

Bad news for the fans of Manhattan dive bars.  Blue and Gold is closing down according to this Gothamist article. 

Blue and Gold was one of those dive bars that everyone knew about and would use as a default meeting point in the Village no matter the clique.  It was just your average fun place to have a few cheap pints and a laugh.  Unfortunately, it looks like it has gone the way of the Village Idiot and the original incarnation of the Hog Pit, which was eighty-sixed by a Steve Madden boutique that never actually opened (Lord knows we don’t enough of those in this town already). 

Which leads me to my second point:  This is somehow all Sarah Jessica Parker’s fault for selling a watered down version of Manhattan to the washed masses, and changing our city into a playground for trust-funders and tourists.  These perfumed minions are putting their stamp on more and more  neighborhoods and encroaching upon our long-running local drinking establishments!  Soon Manhattan will be about as tame and vanilla as a strip mall in Arizona, and serve naught but choco-tinis.  For shame SJP!  Negative proof!