Lunch at Morimoto’s

Morimoto’s NYC.  Not a bad option for super quality food at lunch prices (about 24 dollars for the sushi box).  Also this place is EMPTY during the day.  I’m surprised it even opens for lunch, but that just means more attention from the wait staff and no lines.  A few rolls are pictured below including some bad ass sea urchin. 


Tuna pizza, which was delectable:

Tuna Pizza

Unpictured is the greatest calamari salad I’ve ever eaten with warm greens and fried onions on top. Below is the most perfect and simple bowl of ramen made with beef, pork, and chicken stock.  Proof.


Chelsea Artichoke Pizza


Above is a quick image I snapped of the new Artichoke Pizza location in Chelsea.  From the looks of things, it could only be weeks or even days away from opening!  It looks so much bigger and roomier than the East Village location.  Hopefully this means being able to sit down at a table and ordering a cold one with your slice, instead having to stuff a slice into your face on the sidewalk!

Co Ba- New Meatpacking Vietnamese

Closeups from my pork belly banh mi from the most recent Meatpacking eatery on Ninth Avenue, Co Ba (110 9th Ave Btwn 17th &18th St):

Banh Mi

Pork belly below:

Pork Belly

The belly was bodacious.  The baguette was baked with a flinty crust.  The prices were passable for the Meatpacking district at about 10 greenbacks for a sandwich and a side salad for lunch.  That said, I am quite glad to have some more Asian flavor in the hood.

Radegast Hall Williamsburg

Here are some images from one of my  favorite local Brooklyn hangouts, Radegast Hall. Check out their website here for a funvideo and directions.  Great sausages, tasty beers, and a really relaxed and fun atmosphere.  The best time to go is definitely a rainy Sunday afternoon. 

Above is the amazingly buttery and delicious pretzel.  I think its about 9 dollars for the large one, and its worth every penny.  Extra points for the campy portrait of the Kaiser and his cousin the last Hapsburg Emperor Franz Joseph on the wall!  It’s the little touches that really make you enjoy the brats and beers.

Maniacal Lobsters

Here are some images from a recent trip to Camden Maine, and some of the delicious seafood treats enjoyed.  Above is the Lobster Pound Restaurant situated 7 miles North of Camden, on Penobscot Bay in Maine.  It’s like a dog pound but with one delicious difference. 

Fried Clams

Fried clams, one of my favorite New England treats, and a fantastic appetizer.  These came with tartar sauce, but they are also great if you just dip them in some clam juice and butter.

Some clam chowder from the Lobster Pound, have you ever seen so many clams packed inside of one bowl before?


Above is the confusingly titled “Lobster Stew,” from the Lobster Pound’s menu, but I think it was in fact a bisque.  What’s the difference you ask?  I think it has to do with the preparation, and if you base your dish more on solids or liquids.  I surmise that stews are “stewed” solids (vegetables and meats) that you add liquids and stocks to during preparation, while soups are liquid and stock based dishes that you add solids to during preparation.   As bisque is traditionally a smooth and creamy soup made from shellfish, I would say that indeed this was not a stew and was in fact a soup of the bisque variety.  Prove me wrong Lobster Pound!

A legit Maine lobster roll from the Lobster Pound is pictured above. 

Above is the rarely seen south of Maine and seriously delicious soft shelled or “new” shell lobster.  New shell lobsters are truly an amazing gift from the Atlantic, you don’t even need a cracker to open up these early season crustaceans.  New shell lobsters yield less meat than hard shelled lobsters, but taste sweeter and are more tender (in addition to the convenience of being able to rip them apart with your bare hands).  I found myself stuffing my face with new shell lobsters exclusively!  Click here for more about new shell lobsters from the Maine Lobster Council.

And finally, above an image of the wickedly awesome lobster macaroni and cheese from Cappy’s in Camden, Maine.  Nothing much to say about this dish but  proof.

Tongue Tacos in the East Village

Secret Tacos!

On Avenue A and 13th Street in the quaint borough of Manhattan in New York City there is a little grocery store.  In this grocery store named Zaragoza, there is a counter that serves tacos.  Said tacos are cheap, homemade and delicious.  Condiments include both red and green salsas with a lot of heat.  Along with some beers from the takeout fridge, it could be the best cheap meal in the city.

Cold Ones and Tacos

My colleague and myself went with four varieties each, shredded chicken, shredded beef, shredded pork, and of course the beef tongue taco.

Beef Tongue!

Pictured above is the tongue taco, much more tender and with a more profound flavor than the shredded beef. 

Shredded Pork

Above is a closeup shot of the shredded pork, which I doused with a healthy dose of spicy salsa.  Eight homemade tacos with some modelos on the side came to about 25 dollars total.  Now there is some serious proof!