Scrapple Burger

I present to you the “Ultimate Choptank” a scrapple cheddar and egg burger from Choptank on 308 Bleeker Street in Manhattan: Created as the “ultimate hangover cure”, Chop’s taking their aged Wisc cheddar/pickled pepper mayo/bacon jam burger and topping it off w/ a fried egg plus a massive hunk of scrapple, a loaf of blended porcine offal thought to have been invented by the Pennsylvania Dutch (likely to bolster the strength of their ovens). Proof!

Artichoke Pizza Chelsea Opens!

Artichoke Basilles Pizzeria on 10th Avenue is finally open!  The wait is over…  I immediately ordered a full pie of the specialty. 

AND NOW THE VERDICT- the artichoke pizza is delicious.  They use a kind of bechamel sauce base with pureed artichoke, whole artichoke hearts and an insane amount of mozzarella cheese.  However I was slightly disappointed that it looked like artichoke hearts out of a can instead of freshly prepared ones.  I guess it would be too much work to steam up a few artichokes each morning? 


The amazing pizza however does not make up for how makeshift an operation this place is.  The dining side is not open yet, so it is take out only.  However, the take-out window is a mere ledge on the street.  How they expect to service the washed and unwashed tourist hordes from the neighboring Highline and Chelsea market, I cannot begin to surmise.  Unless part of the draw is to wait on line for 30 minutes on a polluted and malodorous meatpacking district side street.  Sound fun?  Nope?  Good.  The service?  The do-ragged mug running the counter is reminiscint of the wiz-wit knuckleheads in Philly that work the windows at Pat’s Steaks.  I’m sorry, but there’s a nicer way to do your job.  Bad day?  I don’t give a shit.  D- on customer service there Cha-cha. 

OKAY, I know they just opened.  Usually I would cut them some slack, but to be perfectly frank, if Artichoke can’t get the basics of running a take-out window down, then why should I give them a second chance or bother coming back to their dining room when it opens? 

Also why don’t you update your website guys?  There is no phone number listed anywhere for this location, so you can’t even order a pick up in advance.  The phone number listed on the door of the store doesn’t appear to work either.  Give it a try:  212 792 9200.  Maybe someone will actually pick up one day.  Oh yeah, here’s another brilliant idea for you: print out some friggin’ menus. 

Artichoke, welcome to the neighborhood.  NEGATIVE PROOF.

Vegas Breakfast

The Vegas special.  Four dollar steak and eggs from Ellis Island Casino and Brewery.  I love this place.  Two words describe it: old school.  The interior is all lacquered wood, brass, and cushioned faux-leather.  Serious gamers are here getting their grub on before some blackjack and craps. 

The best part about this place, they brew their own root beer… and it’s outstanding.

Steak and Egg

Two Double-Double Animal Style Burgers

Animal Style

I enjoyed these In N Out burgers on a recent trip to the West Coast.  After spotting the restaurant from the airport bus, I immediately walked the mile and a half from my hotel room just to stuff my face with two of these bad boys.  For those not in the know- there is a secret menu.  Animal style means it is slathered in mustard, extra secret sauce and onions with lettuce tomato and pickles.  I’m salivating  just looking at this right now.  PROOF.