Katagiri Lunch

Easy lunch from Katagiri and Co. on 59th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan.  This is a great little Japanese grocery store that offers some nice prepared foods, good quality fish and other staples at a reasonable price.  There isn’t a huge selection of vegetables or fruit, but the pre-made sushi rolls looked good, and the take-out udon noodles were quite tasty.  Proof.

Two Dollar Chipotle Burritos Halloween Night

Great gimmick for a good cause.  Jaime Oliver and Chipotle team up for “Dress to Kill” this Halloween night to promote awareness of healthy eating in the USA with Jamie’s Food Revolution.

According to Chipotle’s websiteCome in after 6pm this Halloween dressed as a horrifying processed food product and we’ll give you a burrito, bowl, salad, or an order of tacos filled with freshly cooked, naturally raised ingredients for only $2.

Opening Alert- Meatpacking District Sports Bar

You heard me.  An actual sports bar named SNAP (Sports Nightlife And Pastime) is opening in the formerly grungy but now well-heeled Meat Packing district on the west side of Manhattan.

Does this mean a chill place to grab a wing and a domestic draft and watch the game after a long day at work like the Hog Pit or the Village Idiot formerly were?

A Nifty New-Fangled Forward Pass

Think again dear readers.  This is the Meatpacking District, and as Urban Daddy reports, this bar is designed to look like a 1920s era club, with leather upholstered furnishings, and offering refreshments like meat pies, house made pickles, and cured meats. Snap will also sport a DJ, a karaoke night, a playstation, and numerous LED TV’s to satisfy the fast-paced needs of any modern era sportsman.  I must admit that this very Meatpacking District sports bar looks intriguing, and I’m a sucker for this more venerable sporting atmosphere they seem to want to promote.  Let’s just hope Snap keeps it real and offers a happy hour for the regular working folks in the hood.

248 West 14th Street SNAP opens to the public on October 28.

Beer News: Yuengling Expands

According to the Wall Street Journal article located here the scrappy Dick Yuengling is expanding his homegrown Pennsylvania beer empire.  According to the article:

Schlimiel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer, incorporated

Yuengling (pronounced ying-ling) announced last week that it signed a letter of intent to buy a former Coors brewery in Memphis, Tenn. The facility would be the Pennsylvania brewer’s largest and could more than double the company’s overall capacity and allow it to expand distribution into multiple states beyond its 13-state footprint in the Eastern U.S.

It’s always a scary thing when a brand you love expands.  I really like that this privately owned brewery has kept its identity in this day and age.

In New York City, it was difficult to find a Lager until about 2000 after Yuengling did their first expansion of two more brewery’s in addition to their Pottstown, Pennsylvania location.  The Spring Lounge was one of the first NYC bars in the area I noticed to have this brew on tap (they no longer carry it unfortunately).  I used to make pilgrimages there for Yuengling in my early days in the city as a PA transplant.  Those days are long over now, (thankfully) as Yuengling has become a staple in the take out fridges of local NYC bodegas and bars.

Frankly, this is one of the best domestic beers you can buy for the price.   Good luck Yuengling.


McDonalds Twitter: The McRib is Back

Drool clean-up at Register 4!!  According to McDonalds Twitter the McRib is back on November 2nd!  Judging from the response on Twitter, the fast-food ingesting proletariat is clamoring at the prospect of eating these pre-formed mystery meat patties.  I on the other hand am purely interested in the Simpson’s parody of this McRib phenomenon.

In episode 301 Homer joins the “Ribheads” and follows the Krusty “Ribwich” around the country.  According to the Simpson’s Wiki,  “The animal from which the Ribwich is made is never specified, but when someone mentions a pig as a possibility, Krusty replies, “Think smaller, and more legs.” Check out the weird non-English Simpson’s Youtube video below, I imagine this is quite close to the actual sensation of eating the McRib.  Negative proof!

White Castle Crave Case Supper

Yes, I did this… the Crave Case supper!  After about 6 or so I started feeling a contact high, but it didn’t stop me from wolfing down two more.  The sliders just kind of melt in your mouth, and it’s nearly impossible to stop stuffing your face them when there are 30 in front of you.  I ignored the chicken rings and the fries for the most part.  To conserve the precious burger space in my gullet.

Box Lunch

Here is a crave case half empty:

Half Empty

I dissected a few of these belly bombs, and this is what they looked like naked:

The Greasy Innards

And another one:


Note the onions smeared on top, these bad-boys are steamed on a bed of onions, giving them their unique flavor.  The cheese looks like some kind of imitation Kraft franken-food.  Still, cheeseburgers are the way to go, adding that cheesy gooey texture that helps them slide down your maw that much faster.  I also usually order an additional side cup of pickles to ensure that the sodium levels are just little more sky-high.  My limit of 13 burgers was not even approached in this session, good thing because my head was spinning slightly when I rode my bike home from Manhattan afterwards.  Proof.