Yakiniku West

Yakiniku means “grilled meats” in Japanese.  That seems to be an appropriate title for this fantastic and reasonable Japanese BBQ place right by St. Marks in the East village (218 E. 9th St., New York, NY 10003) 

Pork Face Sizzling!

The ambiance of this venue is like you are in a Shinto shrine.  Very peaceful with blond wood floors and sunken cushioned seats.  You also have to take your shoes off here, which adds to the authenticity. 

There is a decent deal if you want to BBQ.  Each set meal is about 20 dollars and comes with miso, kimchi, rice, salad, veggies and ice cream.  The beef short rib set was tasty and tender.  It proved to be super fun to grill it, wrap it in romaine, and dunk it in some sweet and sour sauce.  I also recommend the red bean ice cream.  Then make sure to order for about $6.50 a side of sliced pork jaw, (pork action shot pictured) which when grilled up the little fatty meat bits taste like pork potato chips!  Yum.  Or maybe some beef tongue to mix it up a bit more?  I held off when it came to the tripe though.  You can also get rice balls, fresh sushi rolls, bibimbaps and all the usual Japanese and Korean fare.

Proof positive!