Blue Cheese Pizza

It is against everything Brooklyn, everything Long Island, everything New York.  But this may be one of the best pizzas ever.  Blue cheese pizza!

Your Italian grandmother may roll over in her grave, but this my friends is legit.  Some plain garlic, stewed tomato sauce with red onions and oregano.  Add some fresh mozzerella slices than top it off with a substantial amount of oh so dry and oh so flavorful imported blue cheese.

I encountered my first blue pizza in Britain where a good friend had me taste a blue slice a few years back. Being an Italian purist I initially reeled away, but I soon realized the error of my ways.  I have been applying Roquefort to my slices ever since.   Do the BLUE. Proof!

Carmelo Anthony vs. Larry David Sandwich


Take it To The Hole!

The Carnegie Deli in Manhattan took no time off in welcoming the newest NYC sport star Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks.  This sandwich already looks like a classic.  According to

The eponymous sandwich, which Carnegie Deli owner Sandy Levine started selling on Tuesday afternoon, is composed of corned beef, pastrami, salami, bacon, lettuce, tomato and Russian dressing packed between two slices of Rye bread.

I must say this looks way better then the Larry David Sandwich (which consists of white fish, sable, onions, capers, and cream cheese).


Mooncake Foods Midtown

Wow, I’m so happy that I stumbled into this place tonight.  Mooncake Foods.  In the shady and hectic area around Penn Station in Manhattan you really can’t beat this quirky little Asian restaurant for some quick, cheap, and tasty eats.

I had a very nice curry chicken stew with brown rice, also some Vietnamese summer rolls and a Sapporo for a grand total of 18 dollars. The Sapporo drafts are $2.50 so you can get really happy here with some after-work drinks.

I was amazed by the speed of the service most of all, it took between 2 minutes from my order to go to the kitchen and I already had a beer, water and appetizer right in front of me.  The curry came out two minutes later.  I like that.

Supposedly Mooncake Foods has a ridiculous pulled pork sandwich.  Like I needed another reason to go back.  Proof.

Mooncake Foods 263 West 30th Street, New York, NY 10001

El Presidente Day Supper

Here are a few snaps of a very cheese-centric President’s Day homemade supper tonight.  Here is an endive, beet, carrot and Danish blue cheese salad, appropriately red white and blue:

Above is some homemade pizza with stewed tomato, wine, garlic, red onion sauce. Along with some mozzarella, artichoke hearts and pecorino romano.  Happy Prez day!

Calexico Greenpoint Fish Taco

The Fish taco from Calexico in Greenpoint.

Fishing for Happiness

This was BY FAR the best taco here, and I daresay the only taco to get, I could eat about six of them in one sitting.  The beef taco was well-seasoned but slathered with neon green goo to the detriment of the primary ingredient. The shredded pork was the 2nd best option, but really wasn’t smoky enough for my tastes.  The tofu taco was a bust (obviously) and as Anthony Bourdain says, “People who order chicken don’t know what they want to eat,” so I didn’t sample it.  The beet salad was served too cold to be flavorful, warming it up may have done the trick though.  On the brighter side, the margaritas and the guacamole were both pretty good!

That being said, I am still excited about this place opening in Greenpoint where the south-of-the-border food options have always been lacking.  Calexico has a really fun and rambunctious atmosphere and a lively crowd especially on the weekends as well.

Seriously though, order the fish tacos.  Proof.

Calexico 645 Manhattan Ave at Bedford Ave, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (347-763-2129)

Eat Greenpoint

Eat Greenpoint.  It’s a great idea, a great philosophy, and definitely tasty food.   A 100% local sourced restaurant located in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  That means everything is from the tri-state area (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) or New England.   Instead of Caribbean sugar they use local honey, instead of imported olive oils, they use sunflower seed oil and butternut squash seed oil. Please read more on on their website here.

The focus beyond the very bare-bones yet comfy dining room in this restaurant is the kitchen where the staff of two very welcoming and enthusiastic cooks who also double as the food-runners explain the menu of the day and take orders.  You literally have to walk into the kitchen to order, completely taking waiters out of the picture, which just feels right to me.

The dining room is no-frills but super warm and charming.  Everything is casual including the plating and the seating, and it almost feels like you are a guest at a friend’s dinner party.

A very well-seasoned veggie soup, served with spongy and satisfying potato foccacia bread.  An extra bonus was the single condiment of Maine sea-salt sitting on each table adding taste as well as a pleasant texture.  There are only have two beverage choices, self-server water or iced herbal tea with local honey.  You could however BYOB if you are so inclined.

For 15 dollars you can have supper of the day and the appetizer.  Today it was a very tasty and well-seasoned veggie stew and a warm winter salad heavy on root vegetables and cabbage.  Everything was served family-style, and I must say it the portions were generous.

Eat Greenpoint, well done.  Everyone should support this philosophy.  Proof.

124 Meserole Avenue Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222

Food Corps

This seems like a noble effort, the Food Corps! I wonder if they are responsible for planting those veggie gardens in front the Automotive-tech school in McCarren Park, Brooklyn.   If I had the time, I actually would consider signing up.

From their website: The vision for FoodCorps is to recruit young adults for a yearlong term of public service in school food systems. Once stationed, FoodCorps members will build Farm to School supply chains, expand food system and nutrition education programs, and build and tend school food gardens.

Rodizio in Belleville, New Jersey

Rodizio has been the hottest trend going in Northern New Jersey for the last few years.  This ala carte style service with waiters bringing you sizzling skewers of spit-roasted meats to your table and slicing bits off with sharp knives directly onto your plate is a fun way to spend your Saturday evening.  I had the opportunity to visit Solar do Minho Steakhouse a Northern Portugeuse-style steakhouse in Belleville, New Jersey last night (about a 40 dollar cab ride from the PATH train in Hoboken).

Here are some images of the Rodizio:

Some of the tasty delicacies consumed included chicken hearts, pork sausage, top beef filet, lamb chicken thighs wrapped in bacon, beef short ribs, lots and lots of chorizo sausage, and of course grilled pineapple to finish.

You need to pace yourself.  The meat comes out fast, so resist the urge to gorge, slow and steady usually wins this race.

I believe the above shot was pork loin and some grilled ham.

The lamb (above) was quite tasty.  I feel that the quality of the meats here was much nicer than some other Rodizio places I’ve been to recently, especially the ones in Manhattan.  The general trend at these Rodizio spots is to over-salt  the meat, but I didn’t necessarily  find that to be the case at Solar do Minho.  Also, the cost for Rodizio was only about 27 dollars per person, so the price tag was quite reasonable for Northern New Jersey.

The sides included white rice, black beans, fried bananas, and some thin cut French fries, and the sangria flowed like… wine?

We wrapped up with some super sweet deserts and port wine, very appropriate .  Proof Positive! Solar do Minho 15 Cleveland Street, Belleville, NJ

It’s Come to This: Brooklyn in Manhattan


So it’s come to this, the Brooklyneer (220 West Houston Street, NY)… a Brooklyn-themed bar in Manhattan.

I don’t get this… As different as the two boroughs are from each other, why supplant one with the other when you can walk 10 minutes across the Williamsburg Bridge or take a 2 minute L train ride from the village?  Are Manhattanites really THAT lazy?!?

Hmmm… okay this might be a possibility.  I have Manhattan friends that won’t even venture to the Bedford Avenue subway stop in Williamsburg.  You don’t need to insult your Manhattan neighbors like that thoough, Brooklyneer.

The food is Brooklyn-themed on the menu, and the food looks pretty good judging by the review here.

One observation though, while the Greenpoint makes sense (kielbasa sandwich), what’s up with the “Sunset Park?”

Sunset Park • Organic slow-roasted pork shoulder, Steve’s Smoked Ham, gruyere, Pickle Guys Half-Sour Pickles, spicy may0

I don’t think that gruyere and smoked ham is necessarily representative of Sunset Park’s demographics.  I’d probably still eat it though.  Proof.