Memorial Day BBQ Pics

Hi all!  I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend!  I just wanted to share a few BBQ pictures from the ole’ homestead this weekend.

Nothing rings in the summer like pork ribs! These need to cook slow and low with a nice paprika rub for optimum tastage.

Here are some po’ok ribs a-grillin’:

What’s a BBQ without a burger absolutely smothered in cheese with grilled onion and a freshly picked Jersey tomato?

Memorial Day BBQ vegetables usually come in a tub, unless your mom is Italian! Here is my Mom’s zucchini and mint with raw (raw) garlic. Ridiculous. The broccoli wasn’t half bad either.

Juicy ribbage, this came out bonesuckingly good. Proof!:

The Habitat Greenpoint

Yet another Greenpoint post! This time for The Habitat. 988 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11222

In brief this place has a great atmosphere, a reasonable no frills menu, decent cocktails, good service. The scene was refreshingly casual and chill, the front was open and every table was full of happy locals enjoying food and drink.

Here’s the rundown: Tasty burger, excellent fries, good cocktails, but they fooled me on the buttermilk chicken- I just didn’t read the menu close enough. Boneless fried chicken is really not worth my time. Give me chicken on the bone! There is so much more flavor when its cooked that way. I would definitely come back for the burger and a cocktail though. Proof positive!

Photo: Manhattan Inn Greenpoint Redux

So I gave the Manhattan Inn another try. I ordered a bourbon Manhattan- it actually tasted decent. The piano karaoke was pretty cool, and there were some talented people in the crowd.  My waitress was very friendly and the service came with a smile.

The menu still was not that awe-inspiring though.  Mushy risotto in a thimble-sized portion, and the deviled eggs were lacking in zestyness (and paprika).  However, the ambiance on a Tuesday night was really nice.  I think this place is much safer on the weeknights from the mustachioed and flanneled hipster masses.

Verdict: I would probably get an after-work drink here and watch the music. Maybe have dinner across the street at Calexico. The photo is pretty neat though right? Taken with my new Sigma wide-angle 10- 20mm lens.  Proof!

Homemade Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeño poppers- I know- TGI Fridays ruined these things for everyone.  But it doesn’t have to be a frozen microwaveable dish!  You can make this really simple but delicious appetizer for yourself.  All you need is some grated cheddar cheese and vermont white new cheese mixed in a bowl with chopped scallions and some salt and pepper for the stuffing:

Clean out the seeds and the membrane from the inside of the peppers- unless you want more heat.

Dredge them in eggwash and flour.  Fry in oil on high heat, until the peppers become tender.

And finally…  Poppers!


I also decided to use some leftover cheese mix with a red bell pepper that I had, for a sweet version of the popper.

The big red bell peppers worked out great if you sliced them into smaller bite sized bits.  But I think the next time I would be better off stuffing those green Italian frying peppers, or maybe those sweet and spicy cherry peppers for better sized portions.

These poppers were the perfect heavy appetizer before the light main course I made this night: Shrimp tacos marinated in lemon and lime juice, garlic and white wine garnished with fresh chopped peppers, scallions and cilantro.  Also a orange-salsa to top it off!   A little heaviness juxtaposed with some light seafood.

Proof positive.


Five Leaves Burger and a Pimm’s


A perfect sunny Friday afternoon at the park with a friend followed up with a Pimm’s cocktail and a burger at Five Leaves in Brooklyn.

This is one of the few (or possibly only?)  decent outdoor venues to grab a drink right off of McCarren Park in Greenpoint.  This neighborhood has changed a lot in the past few years.  Some changes have been for the good (Telexico) and of course some have been bad (Manhattan Inn).

Five leaves was always a welcome addition though ever since the doors opened.  They’ve always had a nice menu and a really great atmosphere.  This is a great place to people watch with the park right next door, and the clientele is interesting to say the least.  Also, according to local neighborhood lore the Joker himself Heath Ledger at one point owned or co-owned this place.  I’m guessing that explains the Australian connection, as Aussie accents abound here.

I started off with a refreshing Pimm’s cocktail garnished with a cucumber, and then tucked into a burger and fries.

The Five Leaves burger is grass-fed beef, a sunny-side up egg, and a pineapple slice.  Also we ordered a side of truffle oil fries.  The verdict- delicious, but this is one messy burger.  You need to use all your powers to not have the toppings dribble onto your lap.

Also if you dont’ mind the line on the weekend, the brunch here is definitely worth the wait.  The ricotta pancakes are the jam.  Proof.

Aussie Burger