A REAL Maine Lobster Roll

This is what you get in Maine when you order a lobster roll:  100% lobster meat on a roll.  No lobster salad, no celery salt, just pure unadulterated lobster.  Notice that the mayo is on the side my friends!!

Best of all,  it only costs $12.50.  Now that is some proof!

*Lobster roll from J’s Oyster 5 Portland Pier, Portland ME.


I picked these bad boys up in Maine.  Mustard pickled cucumbers and hot pickled eggs from Mike’s of Maine.

Pickled eggs are for some reason becoming much rarer in the United States.  In Pennsylvania you can always find them at Amish farm stands where they are pickled with beets, turning the eggs a bright and colorful purple shade.  However, in New York City, you really have to search for them outside of specialty food shops unfortunately.

Did you know that in Britain you can purchase pickled eggs from behind the bar at the pub, then drop it into a bag of salt and vinegar chips before consumption alongside your pint? To me that sounds like just a little slice of salty heaven. Proof.

J’s Oyster – Portland Maine

I defy you to find fresher and better seafood than this: J’s Oyster in Portland Maine.  The word “legit” is tossed around a lot in these crazy post-MC Hammer decades- and in all seriousness, this place is LEGIT.  Set right next to the wharf in downtown Portland Maine, J’s Oyster is an unpretentious venue where locals down cocktails and take on the super serious business of eating amazing seafood.

Lobster with steamers and corn:

Raw shucked local oysters.  They were creamy and delicious, tasting just like the cold and misty North Atlantic waters they were recently plucked from.

Two, yes TWO buckets of steamers, and oysters made four ways: Rockefeller (spinach, cheese and bacon), baked stuffed (with more lobster), Mornay  (topped with Swiss cheese) and of course the plain raw shucked.  Oh yes.

Here are the remnants of some delicious fresh raw oysters and some out-of-this-world clam chowder.

If I was a Portland native there is little doubt that I would dine daily on bowls of this chowder, dunking dinner rolls in it gleefully and draining jugs of frosty Allagash brews… What else do you need in life? Proof!

Shake Shack Shack Dog and Burger

Every-one’s perennial favorite outdoor food stand in Midtown, Shake Shack!  Located in Madison Square Park (One of the nicest small parks in Manhattan) and in the shadow of the architecturally intriguing Flat Iron Building on Broadway, this is definitely worth stopping by if you have an extra hour or two on your plate.  The one thing that everyone talks about is the line- which can stretch for over an hour at times.   Is it worth the line?  I’d have to say that on a beautiful June evening with some good friends, yes, yes it is.

Here is the Chicago-style Shack Dog.  Chicken sausage actually, garnished with a salad of veggies with pickles and pickled peppers.  Definitely the best hot dog I’ve eaten thus far this summer.  So friggin good.

Here was my big box o’ goodies.  Shack dog, but also a double Shack Burger and a large French fry. Oh boy.  Also apparently Brooklyn Brewery makes a special Shake Shack brew which complimented the salty snacks nicely.

Verdict- everything was amazing.  The Shack Burger though seriously made my week.  That’s right my week, it was that good.  Melty cheese, tomato, lettuce and the tangy secret Shack Sauce.  It was like an NYC version of the legendary In N Out Burger, but in a way nicer venue.   Go wait on line and pick one up right now.  Proof positive.

Pulled Chicken Sandwich from Citi Field

Ballpark Eats!  Pulled chicken BBQ sandwich from Citi Field on last Friday night’s loss against the Phillies of Philadelphia.

They really had rotisserie chickens turning in the club section which was a pretty darned impressive sight at a ballgame.  Times have really changed from the days of hot dogs and chicken fingers.  Honestly, this was a really decent sandwich for ballpark food.  BBQ sauce and coleslaw, you just can’t go wrong with that combination.  Also a radioactive side of cheese on the side for the French fries!  Proof!