Pizza From Eataly

I finally stopped by Eataly 200 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, the new Lida Bastianich and Mario Batali venture in the heart of the Flat Iron district in Manhattan.  There are so many sights, smells and tastes to try that I need to go back for a few hours, order some fish and a charcuterie plate with some glasses of vin after work and spend some real quality time there. However, at the very least I can begin by blogging about the pizza!

According to Slice, the pizzeria here is Rossopomodoro, an Italian chain with international locations.

After examining the menu, and accounting for my usual ham hunger, I decided to go with the Fiaschetto (mozzarella, mushrooms, ham, artichokes, tomato sauce, parmagiano reggiano, olives, and basil).   My brother told me this looked like antipasta with a pizza underneath.  I agree.

The verdict: Super tangy tomato sauce, succulent toppings, super thin crust = PROOF POSITIVE! All this for only 14 bucks. This is a really good deal for a pretty expensive food court, and might be the best deal in Eataly where prices are high, and the food is gourmet and imported.

The Wangding: A BBQ Pork Belly Hot Dog

The Wangding!  Love the name, love the dog.  BBQ pork belly with cucumber and scallions.

All this and more was available today at an open-air market on the west side of Madison Square Park in Manhattan.  A fine array of drinkerys and eateries lined the sidewalk.  Not pictured was a plethora of beer taps, as well as a fresh fruit juicing station, a mini-doughnut making machine, as well as the obligatory tacos, waffles, pork buns, and a Moroccan meatball sandwich shop that looked bloody interesting.  I love New York.

Brunch at Peels in NoHo

Some perfectly poached eggs and sausage gravy over country biscuits at Peels, a North of Soho (NoHo) brunchery.  Great atmosphere, lots of light, set in a grand old building with tin ceilings.  I liked it here.

They also have a “build your own biscuit” option on the menu which looked fun.  You can choose from the menu:


All the biscuit sandwiches here share clean and simple flavors made with quality ingredients.  You really can’t go wrong.

The drinks here are spectacular.  Lots of fresh-squeezed fruit juices and really nice looking cocktails, and the latte was the bomb.  Proof!

325 Bowery (between 2nd St & Bleecker St)  New York, NY 10003

Chelsea Market Basement Bar “Tippler” Opens Tomorrow

The newest addition to the Meatpacking District bar scene “The Tippler” opens tomorrow. This place promises tiled interiors, high-end cocktails and hackneyed naming conventions.  We shall see if they can actually deliver a stiff drink.

From their facebook page: The Tippler (425 W 15th St, btwn 9th and 10th New York, NY)

“Friends, Tipplers, Countrymen…lend us your ears (and livers). The Tippler shall throw open its doors to the public on Friday, September 16th at 5:00 pm.”


Wheat grass shots.  Not sure exactly what it is so good about this holistic green goo, and there conflicting reports if it actually does anything good for you.  However, I can attest that I was energized for about 90 minutes after downing them.  The taste was reminiscent of lawn clippings though.


Udon West

What do you do when told the wait for Ippudo is going to be two hours long on a Sunday night? Just head down a few blocks to St Marks, the best place for cheap Japanese grub in NYC. Take Udon West for instance, I had a veritable feast for around twenty dollars.

Every table in the small establishment was filled with students slurping noodles. Check out the tasty fish cake ramen above, about 7 bucks.

Some super yummy pork dumplings above.

And the grand finale- killer curry with some fried chicken cutlet. All this and a few Sapporo’s for around 20 bucks. I was stuffed to the gills by the end of this meal to say the least.  Proof!

11 St. Marks Pl (between 3rd Ave & Astor Pl) New York, NY 10003

The Grilled Plate for Three

The “Grilled Plate for Three” from Restaurant Karczma in Greenpoint, a very traditional Polish restaurant in a very Polish neighborhood.

This was a over-the-top feast fit for a king. Five pieces of thick cut bacon, smoked salmon, blood sausage, kielbasa, 1 pork kebab, 1 chicken kabab, 1 pork shoulder, another sausage of indeterminate origin, a grilled chicken cutlet, a pork cutlet, oh yeah and a side of roasted potatoes. 31 dollars!

Restaurant Karczma is located at 136 Greenpoint Avenue right by the Greenpoint Avenue G train. The waitresses don traditional Polish peasant outfits, there’s a wishing well in the middle of the dining room, and on summer Fridays and accordionist and a violinist work the room playing Polish folk music. I come for the food though. If the Polish plate is too much(it was for me), I highly recommend just ordering the blood sausage with kraut and the pierogies. They will be the highlight of your week. Proof.

Crif Dog Proof Positive

I finally stopped by the Crif Dogs that opened up in Williamsburg right next to the L Train Driggs exit. I’ve been to the one in Manhattan quite a few times, but I had never been to the convenient new Brooklyn location. I guess I’m not really one for hotdogs, but anything covered in bacon and deep fried usually will spark my interest.

The Chihuahua- a bacon wrapped dog covered with avocados and sour cream on the left, and the Spicy Redneck is on the right. Bacon wrapped, with chili, cole slaw & jalapeños. Also bonus points for the old school Pac-man arcade game table to sit at and also for having episodes of Ali G playing on the TV. Proof Positive!

Crif Dogs is on 555 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn 11211 Bedford Avenue L train

Chimney Cake Opening Soon in LIC!

New York City truly has it all. I encountered chimney cake (not knowing what it was actually called) about 2 years ago in Budapest at a Christmas market in the middle of the city. It was a delicious light and fluffy carnival cake roasted and turned on a spit and covered in sugar and spices. The sugar becomes deliciously carmelized on the outside and the cake is soft and fluffy on the inside.

I walked past this sign and had the startling revelation that I don’t have to travel to Hungary anymore for this Eastern European treat. All you have to do is take the G train to 21st Street or just walk over the Pulaski Bridge from Greenpoint. Proof!

Chimney Cake NYC 10-50 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101 Click here for website