Homemade Gnocchi Pics

I thought I’d share some pictures of homemade spinach and potato gnocchi. Did you know that these mini dumplings are some of the oldest prepared foods? Recipes date back to Roman times.

Here is a great website devoted to the history of Gnocchi. One recipe from the 1300s reads: “If you want gnocchi take some cheese and mash it, then take some flour and mix it with egg yolks as if you are making dough. Place a pot of water over a fire. When it starts boiling, place the mixture on a board and slide it in the pot with a spoon. When they are cooked, place them on plates and top them with a lot of grated cheese.”

I’d eat that! Proof.

First Look: iPhone 4S Pumpkin Patch Images

As you may or not know, all the pictures on www.foodandproof.com are taken with either my Canon 40D or my trusty iPhone.  My old iPhone 4 was a magic phone that made blogging a cinch. Using the wordpress application I easily blogged from Spain and Morocco last year posting photos and writing texts like I was on a computer.

The one hang-up was the iPhone 4s picture quality.  It was still very average compared to my DSLR.  After hearing about the marked camera improvement on the iPhone 4S, I decided to test it out on a trip to the country in Pennsylvania for some “pumpkin pickin” this past weekend.

Here’s a brief description of the 4S from the amazing website Digital Photo Review: Apple has announced its latest iPhone model, featuring an 8MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor. The iPhone 4S features faster image capture (down to 0.5s shot-to-shot time and 1.1 second ‘time to first photo’), and captures more light as a result of the new sensor. It also gains 1080p video, is said to have better auto white balance performance and adds face detection for the first time.

I feel that in the daylight, the 4S caught some really good contrasts with the pumpkins next to the soil.  Due to the recent hurricane, the above picture was essentially from a pumpkin graveyard because it was in the lowest point of the farm.  So I wanted to capture a picture of the decimation wrought by Hurricane Irene.

Here’s a closeup of some Indian corn, great colors, and really fine sharp images of the grains.

Here’s some assorted pumpkins and corn, definitely a decent amount of focus and shading for a camera phone.

This silo shot came out pretty monumental:

All in all, I was pretty impressed with the performance compared to the iPhone 4.  I need to try some low-light pictures next but so far so good.

DP Review’s summary: The 8 megapixel sensor has 60 percent more pixels so you can take amazing high quality photos with more detail than ever. iPhone 4S includes a new custom lens, a larger f/2.4 aperture and an advanced hybrid IR filter that produce sharper, brighter and more accurate images. The Apple-designed image signal processor in the A5 dual-core chip is built for performance, and coupled with the features built into iOS 5, makes the camera one of the fastest on any phone. With iPhone 4S, the Camera app launches much faster and the shot to shot capability is twice as fast, so you’ll never miss another shot.

The 4S could be a food blogger’s dream phone.  Proof.


Sixteen Dollar Liver Pate

Similar to how a five dollar shake in Pulp Fiction vexed Vincent Vega, sixteen dollar liver pate seems a bit extravagant to me.  It’s just pate made from left over organ meat after all.

I have to admit though that this stuff was the best I’ve ever had. The texture was velvet, like mousse… just made from liver.  And it’s not completely irresponsible to treat yourself every once in a while… Right?!?

Where to buy you ask?  Dickson’s Meats in the Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Ave, NYC.  Naturally!

Stock Options Part II

(Continued from yesterday)  There is nothing more  rewarding than making your own delicious homemade stock.  Mine came out a robust tawny color, and yielded enough stock for tortellini soup tonight, with another batch leftover to put in the freezer.

I strained it and sifted off whatever leftover fat globules remained.  Then it was just a matter of sauteing onion/carrots/celery and combining them with the stock and adding some fresh tortellini at the very end.

Ahhh the perfect bowl of tortellini soup…  Can’t beat this with a wooden spoon.  (Or can you?)

Stock Options

I’m going a bit crazy today and making some chicken noodle soup from scratch.

This stock has a leftover roast chicken, 4 ribs of celery, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, parsley, fresh thyme, parmesan cheese rinds, 4 carrots, 10 peppercorns or so.

I’m gonna let this bad boy simmer for 6 hours or so, skimming that funny stuff off the top.  I will probably turn this concoction into some tasty tortellini soup later.

Dos Toros Crew: Guac it out

Hipster video alert!!! I actually just had a burrito here on Sunday. The counter girl wrapped my burrito twice for me. I blurted out “Foiled Again!” and she totally didn’t laugh. Proof!

Dos Toros Taqueria presents “Guac It Out” written, performed, directed and produced exclusively by the good people of Dos Toros. Produced and directed by Andrew Southard and Diego Macias, Cinematography and Color by Avi Kovacevic, Animation by Kevin Matthews.

Check out Dos Toros in NYC by union square, the west village, and the upper east side.