Octopus Balls

From Otafuku on East 9th street in the East Village. They specialize in a delicious Japanese treat of “Octopus Balls”… It’s way less scary than it sounds. The balls are really takoyaki a savory puffball with a bit of octo-meat in it. The batter is reminiscent of pancake batter, and usually the balls are ensconced with mayo and dried tuna shavings. Yum!

Here is a snapshot of the balls in the making. These guys do a lot of business with all the bars in the St. Mark’s area of the East Village. Also these things are the perfect snack after you’ve had a few cold ones.

There are no tables, just a take out window and a few benches. Regardless, there were quite a few punters standing on line waiting for their octo-fix. Proof!