Old Bay Crab Feast!

A relatively reasonable take-out crab feast from Steamers (302-539-6700 Route 26) in Bethany Beach Delaware.

Two dozen crabs, potato salad, coleslaw for under 50 dollars. This is a really good idea, and makes it so you don’t have to deal with lines, waits, crowds, waiters, babies crying etc. at the typical shoreside crab shack.  Just call ahead and your crabs are steamed, seasoned and ready to go with no wait.

The trick with take-away crabs is to keep them in the brown paper bag so they stay warm, dismantle them one at a time. Also make sure to have plenty of butter!

Some sweet corn picked right from a local farm.

Apparently some people put vinegar on their crabs? I tried it out- honestly it’s not my bag. Old bay and butter is fine for me.

And finally, the fun chore of picking them apart.  The old bay heat just builds and builds in between forkfulls of sweet blue claw meat tempered in a warm butter bath.  What more is there in life?  Proof!