Photo: Prime Rib from Smith and Wollensky Midtown

Prime rib from Smith and Wollensky in midtown Manhattan. Verdict on the dish- proof positive. Here’s a capture from my iPhone:

Other highlights included the baked potato “fixin’s bar” they put on your table. They furnish each table with a behemoth tray with bacon, chives, sour cream and cheddar cheese to slough on top your tater.  The creamed spinach was disappointing however- creamed and thrown in the food processor until becoming the texture of a warm spinach dip.

Also- can the management start enforcing rules about attire here?  It’s hard to plunk down 110 dollars and enjoy the very serious business of eating steak next to a pasty Aussie tourist dressed in safari shorts and crocs, the Outback is down the block yo. I know it’s restaurant week, but it makes me just want to go across town to Keen’s.