Soft Shell Crab Sandwich, Camden Yards

Ballpark food!  A soft shell crab sandwich at Camden Yards in Baltimore.  This might be the best ballpark treat out there, covered in coleslaw and accompanied by homemade potato chips.  12 bucks!

Here is an image of the interior of Camden Yards.  This park ushered in the new era of ballparks that were throwbacks to older and more fan-friendly designed parks, and helped put an end to the era of multi-sport arenas. This trend was soon followed by the baseball franchises in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh just to name a few.

Camden Yards is spectacularly designed, blending right into the architecture of the local neighborhood. Brick and steel remind you of the Baltimore harbor warehouses and surrounding city-scape. Don’t miss catching a water taxi to the park from the inner harbor to take in the sights before the game.