Summer is Coming In…

…And the herbs and veggies spring anew! I love Spring, it is is such an appropriately named season. There is an ancient early English round, Sumer Is Icumen In which may just pinpoint the moment “Spring” as was first coined in the written English language. Check it out here.

Tomatos and peas. Once these seedlings have sprouted and bared me fruit, I plan on tossing them with some pancetta and ricotta cheese ravioli (I’m getting ahead of myself.)

Yes, these herbs and vegetables are in fact growing locally right here in Brooklyn, New York! I believe pictured are chives, rosemary and oregano. I am incubating them indoors under a large well-lit window in my loft, but plan on moving them out to the balcony once they become a bit more robust.


As if their corny covers of smiling middle-aged preppies weren’t bad enough, it turns out health food store cereal staple Kashi is completely 100% NOT organic.  Kashi (which I believe is a Tibetan word meaning fugazi) is all over the blogosphere today for the class action lawsuit against the firm alleging not only that the cereal is not organic, it in fact contains some “hazardous synthetic substances.”

Via the facebook

This again goes to show that you should never completely trust the labels at your grocery store, which sometimes are purposely deceptive.  There are too few regulations prohibiting companies from branding themselves a in a way that is completely contrived. Here is a more in-depth review of the law-suit brought up on Kashi (and their parent company which is Kellogg’s…  Oy vey!)

I did notice that the West Side Market on 6th Avenue just happened to be having a sale on this garbage today… Time to not stock up!!!  Negative proof.

2nd Ave Deli’s Glorious Pastrami Triple-decker

Ten years ago I was lucky enough to enjoy a sandwich at the original 2nd Avenue Deli in the East village. I was astounded by the portion sizes, and the amazingly tender pastrami and corned beef. It was a revelation for me that delis could be this darn good. This week I went to verify that new Murray Hill location indeed follows in the footsteps of the original.

This was the pastrami/corned beef/salami triple-decker sandwich. It is unparalleled. The pastrami here is way more tender and delicious then Katz’s. Also it doesn’t have three thousand tourists waiting on line for the “When Harry Met Sally” table.

This was an appetizer. You heard me. Stuffed cabbage that tasted like it was made with brown sugar. An interesting and unique sweet version of the classic dish.

The customary pickle plate. My favorite part of the meal. The pickled tomatoes are unreal.

This is how far I got with the triple-decker sandwich. The waitress said it was the furthest she’s ever seen a customer go. Which was either a compliment or a nice way of saying I’m a glutton (granted I did have a salad only for lunch). It made me regret that I didn’t finish it! Without the stuffed cabbage slowing me down I could have completely annihilated this behemoth.

Here’s a little backstory of the 2nd Ave deli from Wikipedia:

The delicatessen originally opened in 1954 on the southeast corner of Second Avenue and East 10th Street in the East Village… It closed briefly following the murder of its founder Abe Lebewohl, a survivor of The Holocaust, during a robbery on March 4, 1996. The crime remains unsolved. On January 1, 2006, new owner Jack Lebewohl closed the delicatessen at its original location in the East Village… On July 31, 2007, Lebewohl announced that the delicatessen would reopen at a new location in the fall of 2007. It reopened on December 17, 2007, at the Murray Hill location with Jeremy Lebewohl, the nephew of its founder, as its new proprietor.

I am pleased to report that this latest incarnation of the 2nd Avenue Deli doesn’t disappoint. Proof positive!!!

2nd Avenue Deli, 162 E 33rd St, New York 10016 (Btwn Lexington & 3rd Ave)

Avocado Tree Watch Day 1

It begins. The incubation period of my sweet avocado tree that is. Apparently, you just have to suspend the seed of a ripened avocado in a glass of water with some toothpicks for support, and the magic of nature will occur before your very eyes.

According to the all-knowing Internet, these beasts can grow up to be 80 feet tall… The classic struggle of Man vs. Nature will play out in my very home in Brooklyn! Who will win you ask??? More updates to follow.