The Palate Wrecker.

Feast your eyes on the bitterest of the bitter beers! The Palate Wrecker by Green Flash Brewing Company. This beer will definitely satisfy that craving that stirs deep inside of you on hot summer days, when all you want is cold bitterness in a frosty mug.

I procured this beer at Brouwerij Lane in Greenpoint on a recommendation from their twitter feed. Now that’s service for you! Also if you are into the sudsy stuff, check out this amazing beer blog Whoisbrew.

The Best Greenpoint Hangout

The best Greenpoint hangout HAS to be the garden in the back of Brouwerij Lane. A great take-out beer store with a fantastic tap collection and reasonable prices. Fill a growler, or stick around to sample more suds. It is super reasonable as well, I think I bought two rounds for four people and it was under 24 dollars.

The best part? The back garden. If you have some time to kill on a sunny day, why not spend it tasting delicious cask ales and microbrews? Proof!

Brouwerij Lane, 78 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222

Hambone’s Hot Sauce

Samples from a new local New York-based hot sauce company, Hambones Hot Sauce!

I love that the samples come in what look like medicine bottles, as if an ancient alchemist is tediously distilling these concoctions while sequestered in a laboratory on top of a tower with an assistant named Igor. I’d have to say out of the three samples, I really enjoyed Death, Rattle and Roll, which was a hot and sweet banana flavored sauce, very unique and tasty. Also Tongue Thai which tasted like the perfect condiment for Southeast Asian cuisine. I am already visualizing myself dousing curried noodles with this delicious mixture.

Looking for more flavors? Check out their facebook page here!