Little Town NYC

While recently gamboling past one of my usual haunts near Union Square, I noticed a New York State-themed with locally sourced food and beer from all over New York State!

Little Town NYC specializes in local New York State ingredients, like the garbage plate (tater tots, mac and cheese, baked beans and Italian sausage topped by a cheeseburger) Buffalo NYC chicken wings, as well as having Saranac on tap, and raw oyster (Long Island) happy hours. However, on this first trek, I went with the burger with berkshire bacon, bechamel, and topped with a poached egg.

From their website: Little Town NYC… pays homage to NY and everything it has to offer by bringing the tastes of its’ “little towns” like Ithaca, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton and Long Island to the heart of it all, Manhattan. Boasting a menu of almost 100 beers all sourced from NY breweries and food specials inspired by local hotspots throughout NY State… Little Town NYC… encourages its’ customers to try everything NY has to offer by featuring nightly food specials highlighting different NY State regions and the ability to try any of their eclectic brews for $2! The menu is as rich as the places that inspired it and is comprised of items such as; the “Garbage Plate,” Fried Oyster Rolls, Spiedies, Grilled Cheese with Prosciutto, Flavored Popcorn and Jerk Spiced Wings with Mango Pickles…

Next time, the garbage plate. Proof!

Little Town NYC 118a E 15th St

Can You Take Down a Beating Cobra Heart?

As many of you know, my favorite intrepid travelers Mark and Molly have been conducting a series of web-log travel videos and blog posts. Here is their latest and final blog installment, from Northern Vietnam.

It describes in detail how on a recent trip to Vietnam Mark chows down on a still-beating cobra heart from a “juicy” three pound, five foot long cobra! Then M&M enjoyed the grilled snake meat tossed with some lemon grass. Sounds delightful no?

Check out all the gruesome particulars here on Mark and Molly’s blog Searching for Shangri-La.

If you want to view video of still-beating-cobra-heart-eating-action starring celebrity chef bad boy Anthony Bourdain, below is some gory video for your viewing pleasure.

A Pea Grows in Brooklyn

I’m officially a proud pea pod parent!

I have a horn o’ plenty in veggies growing in my loft in Brooklyn. Most everything was grown from seed too! It seems like I will have a mighty harvest of peas in no time.

Clockwise, raspberry, basil, avocado tree (just potted) and more basil:

The tomatoes below have been growing entirely indoors, but luckily a lot of sunbeams come thru my upstairs windows. They actually were already potted when I bought them, and have been flourishing. A recent visitor from the country complained that my tomato plants in the city look better than the ones in his backyard garden!! I also have other tomato plants growing on my balcony raised entirely from seeds. They also are growing like crazy, but haven’t bared fruit just yet. To be continued…

Dogfish Head Brewery Eats

Not only a fun place to sample suds, the Dogfish Head Brewery in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware has a fantastic menu with some delish food.

A unique draw this week was the Choc Lobster, a beer brewed with live lobsters and chocolate. From their website: (A robust porter brewed with 40 whole lobsters, dark cocoa powder and basil. Chocolate, herbal nuances with a hint of the sea in the finish) which in reality tasted like cocoa beer, and not that lobster-ey, which was a good choice by the brewmeister methinks.

For the non-suds portion of the meal I went with the warm roast turkey sandwich smothered in white cheddar cheese and cranberry sauce. Yum. Everything on the menu and at other tables looked legit as well. I definitely made a mental note to revisit Dogfish and sample more eats soon.

Check it out if you ever get down Shore-way this summer. They even have their own distillery upstairs where you can sample hand-crafted spirits!

Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats 320 Rehoboth Avenue, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971 Check out their beer menu here.