Boston Eats: Quincy Market

This weekend I had the opportunity to explore and experience Boston’s downtown market area. I was definitely impressed by the amount of seafood and other treats available and the beauty of the city.

A few interior shots.

Sausage and peppers- one of my all-time favorite treats.

Very colorful candied apples.

The ribs looked awesome, but I was in New England for one thing, seafood.

Various seafood pies. I’m a huge fan of the Maine lobster pie.

I went with a fresh lobster roll, lemonade, and a bowl of clam chow-da. Say it with me, CHOW-da. Seventeen dollars for the soup and sandwich combo. Super yummy.

And last but not least, what Boston trip would be complete without the ubiquitous Cheers photo op??? Proof!

Quincy Market, 4 S Market St (between Leo M Birmingham Pky & Centola St) Boston, MA 02135

City Escape – Lobster Rolls in The Bronx

Lobster rolls and fun in City Island, The Bronx. City Island is a minute hamlet that is easily accessible (for Brooklynites) from the Hutchinson parkway heading north from Queens. It is reminiscent of a small New England town, and the best part about it is the fact that it is jammed up with seafood restaurants sporting great value for the money!

This amazing (only 16 dollar) lobster roll was from the Lobster Box (34 City Island Avenue, City Island, NY 10464). Instead of the traditional impotent, sad, soggy hot dog bun you unfortunately encounter at most seafood restaurants on the Eastern Seaboard, this bad boy was served up on a kaiser roll. It was ‘Uge, with an abundance of claw meat. Yum.

Assorted deep-fried goodies from the Lobster Box. The fried scallops were killer.

Below is some classically tacky Bronx architecture. I’d imagine that there is plastic on all the furniture in this catering hall. I kinda love it.

This was the garage of one of many antique shops on the main drag, City Island Ave. Prices seem to be consistently exorbitant, although who knows, you may be able to negotiate.

The below image reminded me of that Phish song, you know? The Squirming Coil? It looked good enough to Instagram.

This is an interior shot of the most popular restaurant of City Island, Johnny’s Reef. This place is super laid back, where one can watch the tug boats bob by with freighters in tow, enjoy his or her basket of assorted deep-fried crustaceans underneath the squawks of seagulls while sipping icy cold three dollar beers. Proof!