No Name Noodle Bar

Despite being located in the basement of a laid back hipster watering hole, the noodles at No Name Bar on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint are pretty legit.  Below is the Drunk Man Noodle and some Shrimp Ramen.

This is a far cry from the Greenpoint of just a few years ago, where the only noodles available were from abominable Chinese takeouts and inferior Thai restaurants on Manhattan Avenue. Maybe gentrification isn’t so bad after all? Proof.

No Name Bar, 597 Manhattan Ave (between Driggs Ave & Nassau Ave)

Apple Picking and Animatrons

While Autumn apple-picking at Wilkens Farm in Yorktown Heights NY, I encountered this animatronic doughnut-making device. Before it becomes self-aware and destroys all humans, I believe it enjoys serving mankind by making delicious deep-fried cake goo. Yum.

Here are some arcadian images from the farm:

Apples on the vine (or branch).

Idyllic New York State farm scenery.

A glut of gourds.

And of course, the apple of my eye.

The Pig De Resistance

It’s that time of year: the time for an autumn trip to the country for fresh air and colorful leaves. Not in New Jersey however, Pennsylvania to be precise. Here is where you can experience all the joys of pumpking picking, apple cider imbibing, and roasted hog gorging, without the hoards of New Yorkers and the traffic that seems to coincide with that in NJ.

Okay- this is unattractive food, I agree. This sandwich though was delicious! The cook was just ripping meat off the side of the hog and shoving it sandwich rolls… C’mon that’s pretty amazing.

Of course I had to have some obligatory apple cider doughnuts. These were really good, not too overpowering with the apple flavor, and also not completely ensconced in sugar. A really balanced doughnut.

The HAUL! All sorts of pumpkins. I liked the “lunch lady” pumpkins with the crazy bubbling imperfections the best. Proof!

None Such Farms, Bucks County, PA

Smorgasburg + Vinyl = Proof Positive

Each Saturday in the warmer months of the year, Williamsburg’s East River waterfront hosts Smorgasburg, a 50 stand open air food festival, right next to the East River. This past Saturday also encompassed a vinyl record bizarre. For someone into both music and food, it was the perfect afternoon in Brooklyn.

Homemade mild-flavored kielbasa with some really delish relish. This was just an appetizer though, before the main course.

The glorious cemita, a Mexican-style sandwich which is available and overlooked at most taco trucks throughout the city. This one encompassed shredded chicken, cheese, refried beans, avocado, chipotle mayo, hot sauce, cilantro, lettuce, tomato, and a whole lotta flavor.

And of course, the vinyl haul… Extra points if you can name each album!

Williamsburg Waterfront, North 7th and Kent Avenue, Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.