Sizzling steak from the beautifully executed Japanese restaurant, Sugiyama in Midtown, Manhattan. Sugiyama specializes in kaiseki, or a multi-coursed chef menu Japanese meal, of which each small course is artistically prepared and arranged for the diner.

From their website, As in nature, a kaiseki meal beautifully presents the finest seasonal ingredients to emphasize the elements of color, shape, flavor and texture. Each dish of this multicourse meal is carefully chosen and arranged to enhance your dining pleasure. This serene and surprizing dining experience will satisfy your every epicurian delight.


The sashimi above included melt-in-your mouth tuna, which caused endorphins in my brain to fire off, rewarding me for each bite like a Pavlovian dog. Fresh squid, salmon, and a raw oyster garnish completed the course.


Above was a very nice monkfish liver pate, this mousse was served chilled with a very creamy texture. My dining partner wasn’t a fan, but this dish appealed to the carnivore in me.


From left to right, a smoked tuna that tasted like braised beef, fried fish in a sweet sauce, a cold stew, and daikon radish stuff with crabmeat. The crabmeat dish was like biting into an ocean wave. Delicious and refreshing, and its representation of nature was brilliantly and artistically done, keeping true to Sugiyama’s kaiseki philosophy. Proof.

Sugiyama Restaurant 251 West 55th Street Between Broadway and 8th Avenue New York, NY 10019