Totto Ramen: Mega Ramen

The Totto Ramen experience: A long, uncomfortable wait, and then really tasty noodles. Even at four o’clock on a cold and blustery Saturday afternoon in March, the much maligned line was indeed still there! After about forty-five minutes of waiting (compared to the usual two hours) we were happily seated to the sound of a cheering crowd.


Tuna. Marinated with some soy sauce and some delicious sliced avocado.


Above was the MEGA Ramen. True to the title this was a huge and delicious bowl of happiness. The pork belly was sublime. Was it worth forty five minutes? Yes. Two hours would be a stretch though, depending on your personal level of ramen-desire. Proof.

Totto Ramen is on 66 W 52nd St New York, NY 10019

Xian’s Famous: Outpost in Greenpoint


When Xian’s Famous Foods opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn I was extremely excited; every foodie worth his salt knows that Anthony Bourdain endorsed the cumin lamb burger here, propelling the original restaurant into the culinary stratosphere. However, this lonely three-stooled outpost is located in the most dismal corner of North Brooklyn, and doesn’t concede much in terms of convenience begging the question, is it really worth it?


No Phone
No delivery
No ordering ahead
Cash only
No ATMs in walking distance
No tables
3 stools facing a wall
No public transportation
Closes at 8pm


Above, the pulled lamb and pulled pork sandwiches, side by side. Yum. Not pictured were some supremely spicy lamb noodles that were like Dante’s inferno in my mouth. However, even with the pain, they were delicious.

Will I go back? Grudgingly.

Xian’s Famous Greenpoint 86 Beadel Street Brooklyn, NY 11222