My New Greenpoint CSA Membership!

Hi all, I decided to participate in an organic farm-share this year in beautiful McGolrick Park in Greenpoint. The Greenpoint CSA or “Community Supported Agriculture” is a organic farm-share that occurs in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


McGolrick Park in the Spring

Simply put, locally grown organic vegatables will be available to me weekly at a local drop off, from “farm to table.” ¬†Most vegetables and come from farms in Long Island as well as New York State and New Jersey. ¬†Here is a link to the Greenpoint CSA.

The purchase options are either weekly or bi-weekly. Being a busy New Yorker that has to dine out often, I can’t commit to the weekly share, but bi-weekly should provide enough roughage for the summer. (It would be a shame to throw out anything I am not able to use).

Weekly Vegetable Share
$595.20 / pick-up|Details 24 Distributions
Biweekly Vegetable Share $315.00 / pick-up 12 Distributions
Weekly Mega Combo (frt-veg-egg-flwr) $1,050.00 24 Distributions
Biweekly Mega Combo (frt-veg-egg-flwr) $570.00 12 Distributions

But wait, there’s more! You can also add:

Weekly Fruit Share $275.04 / pick-up 24 Distributions
Biweekly Fruit Share -$150.00 / pick-up 12 Distributions
Weekly Egg Share $66.00 / half-dozen 24 Distributions
Biweekly Egg Share $33.00 / half-dozen|Details
Cheese Share $200.04 12 Distributions

I did the Bi-weekly vegetable/fruit/egg share which ran me about 517 dollars. Also, on top of that you have to volunteer to work some shifts assisting the CSA, either driving extra food to soup kitchens, unloading trucks, or working shifts at the farm stand on Saturdays. A small price to pay for delicious local produce.

I will let you all know how it works out! Stay tuned.

Smorgasburg Photos

Smorgasburg has kicked off for the 2013 season! During this beautiful weekend, I was lucky enough to enjoy a super delicious lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, and a BBQ pork bun!


Below was the delicious sweet and savory BBQ pork roll from Big Bao:


Smorgasburg is a food fest and flea market that occurs every Saturday and Sunday on the east river in Williamsburg, Brooklyn during the warmer months of the year. Check it out!

Smorgasburg North 7th St, Brooklyn, New York 11211