Sundae of Broken Dreams


Sundae of Broken Dreams at Farmacy in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.┬áVanilla ice cream topped with oven warm caramel, broken pretzel rods, fresh whipped cream… oh and some hot fudge to boot! (that was an audible).


Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain 513 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 522-6260

Nan Xiang Dumpling House

It’s always fun to take a trip with friends out to Flushing, a mecca of authentic East Asian eats in Queens! If you are lucky enough to take the journey, definitely visit Nan Xiang Dumpling House, where the specialty is (as you may have guessed from the title of this post) soup dumplings!


To start off we ordered sliced rice cake noodles with a really light white fish, this dish was an absolute winner. We also tried the super crispy pan-fried noodles with shredded pork.


Above are the crab and pork soup dumplings. I’m assuming they make these by adding the crab and pork filling inside the dough with a bit of gelatinized broth so that when they get steamed, the piping hot soup is formed for your eating pleasure.


Above is a closeup of my crab soup dumpling, with the top strategically removed you can see its delicious innards bursting with soupy goodness. Proof!

Nan Xiang Dumpling House 38-12 Prince St Flushing, NY 11354