In Riva, Philly

Kale salad with Burrata (fresh cheese made from mozzarella and cream), balls drizzled with spicy and grassy olive oil, pecorino, and hazelnuts from In Riva, on pleasant Kelly Drive in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. According to their website, this restaurant is inspired by both Naples and Philadelphia, and you can see that rustic Italian is the focus in these dishes.

photo 1

If you come here, DO get the whipped ricotta cheese spread jar with carmelized onion, and also DO get the tenderloin, caper, shallot tartar in a jar. Both jars come chilled and ready to spread, with lots of crusty bread slices at your disposal.


Below is a closeup of schmear of tartar on some crusty bread. Proof.

IMG_9421In Riva 4116 Ridge Ave Philadelphia, PA 19129 East Falls