An Abbey-Normal Occasion

Every time I’m in Worcester, I swing by for a a meat-tastic meal at Armsby Abbey. This fantastic gastro-pub boasts local/organic/artisnal food and beers. The menu is knowledgeably crafted with pairing suggestions for each dish from the beer list. I’m more of a food-man than a beer-man myself, so I decided instead to pair my bone marrow with my oxtail poutine.

photo 1

I chowed down on the bones as if there was no toMarrow… these were ridiculously rich and indulgent, just like sweet creamy butter. The staff sensibly provides a small dish of sea salt so you can season at your own discretion as you smear marrow over bread tips. Yum.

photo 2

Also provided, essential tools like a super long spoon to dig out the gooey goodness. Maybe a straw or an IV would work faster…

photo 4

Above was the venerable French-Canadian classic, poutine. That is cheese curds, french fries and Oxtail ragu (with an egg on top). Holy yum.

photo 5

Yes, I also ordered a hamburger. Why? Because it was made with beef hearts… and was super juicy and delicious. I think it was a wise choice. Proof.

Armsby Abey 144 Main St Worcester, MA 01608