Struffola aka Struffoli

Struffola (or Struffoli) is a traditional Neapolitan sweet treat prepared for Christmas made of marble-sized dough balls that have been deep-fried and soaked in honey. Struffola are embellished with sprinkles and candied fruit for a more festive effect. Large amounts are typically created in bulk, to be given as presents to relatives, neighbors and friends. Struffola platters are usually left on dessert buffet tables to be plucked off from at a leisurely pace throughout the holidays. This dish is ubiquitous in the households and kitchens of Southern Italian immigrants in the New York City area.


An interesting aside about Struffola is that this sweet dessert displays the cross-pollination of cultures in the southern Mediterranean. Recipes such as Luqaimat (enjoyed in Egypt and the Middle East) and Pignolata (the Sicilian version) are all very similar.

To pick up some Struffola for yourself, take a stroll down Mulberry street in Little Italy, Manhattan during the holiday season and stop by any bakery. Or try making it yourself using this recipe. Merry Christmas!

Photos: Korean Eats at Ssam!

The Korean fried chicken specialists at Ssam in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, rock a pretty mean bibimbop and kimchi fried rice.


The sashimi bibimbop was really beautiful, like eating a rainbow in a clay bowl.
The kimchi fried rice below, complete with an egg on top was supremely spicy and delectable. The fried chicken was pretty darn good too. Check it out!


Ssam 170 Smith St Brooklyn, NY 11201