Schwartz’s Montreal

Every foodie worth his salt that┬ávisits Montreal or the Lower East Side in New York City tend to make their way to one of two meccas of smoked meats. I am pre-disposed to like everything in New York City better, as I’m a long time resident and food fanatic. However, I think I have to tip my hat to Schwartz’s in Montreal.

photo 3
The sandwich speaks for itself. “Smoked Meat” as opposed to pastrami. The rye bread acts only as a delivery system. They ask you how fatty you prefer it. I went with the medium, which was perfect, tender and delicious. My only complaint about the sandwich is the mustard. It’s too yellow. Give me some spicy brown.

The other great part of Schwartz’s is the poutine. AKA gravy fries with cheese curds. Katz’s definitely does not have this… and it’s delicious.
photo 2

“Schwartz’s” La Charcuterie Hebraique de Montreal 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, Canada.