Photo: Best Egg Sandwich in Greenpoint


The egg sandwich is the most ubiquitous food in New York City after pizza slices. Every bodega offers a reliable version of this starchy and cheesy ketchup-ensconced morning treat.

The egg sandwich at Peter Pan on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint however, is the best. Freshly baked rolls, bagels and bialys to choose from as the vessel for the huge serving of bacon or ham over eggy goodness.

The best part however, is sitting at the counter and catching up with the local Greenpointers.

Photo: Cereal-milk Soft Serve


From Momofuku in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here is the description of the preparation:

From NY Magazine’s interview with the chef:

Cereal milk?
I never drank milk when I was a kid unless it was with really sweet cereal, and the only way that I’d actually drink the milk out of the bowl is if I’d had like three bowls of Lucky Charms.

How do you make it here?
We take corn flakes and toast them and steep them in milk, strain them, and then there’s a very small portion of sugar and salt just to balance it a little bit…