Manhattan Eats: Puff Cha

What are Puff Chat? Two things: A Thai Curry puff specialist on the west side of Manhattan, and a sort of a cross between enchiladas, croissants and samosas.

Below are my freshly ordered (and neatly packaged) Puff Cha: Original curry, crab rangoon, basil, pork, beef, chicken:

I actually thought that despite the description on the menu, these curry puffs were the least similar to empanadas. They were super light and flaky, like croissants but with a decidedly Asian flavor spectrum. (They also came with a little saucer of peanut dipping sauce on the side). When selecting your Puff Cha, definitely go with a broad selection, and at least six of them. The winners in my opinion were the beef and the crab rangoon.
The spicy pork ramen was also really delicious and lived up to its spicy description, don’t be tempted to adjust the spice level, there’s definitely no need for any additional Sriracha in this bowl.

An easy way to to cool off a post-ramen inferno; order a Thai iced-tea with some super sweet and rich condensed milk. Proof!

Puff Cha 457 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019