The Brisket Sandwich from Frankel’s

Frankel’s Delicatessen in Greenpoint, Brooklyn gives even the most famous delicatessens in NYC (like Katz’s) a run for their money. This newcomer into the Brooklyn scene has brought with it some traditional Delicatessen recipes, with care to make them super delicious.

Above is the brisket sandwich, this was a behemoth. I highly recommend getting this; and splitting it with a loved one or else it will be a night-ruiner.

The latkes were crispy and yummy, but were lacking in size. I mean, c’mon it’s made out of a potato… basically the cheapest thing to grow on earth. You can afford to make them bigger or just give me a few more. But hey, the sandwiches are huge.

Above is a side-by-side comparison of the pastrami reuben sandwich with the big brisket sandwich. Both are safe bets. I really think the pastrami here is on par with the best in New York City.

Frankel’s Delicatessen 631 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint Brooklyn

Manhattan Eats: Puff Cha

What are Puff Chat? Two things: A Thai Curry puff specialist on the west side of Manhattan, and a sort of a cross between enchiladas, croissants and samosas.

Below are my freshly ordered (and neatly packaged) Puff Cha: Original curry, crab rangoon, basil, pork, beef, chicken:

I actually thought that despite the description on the menu, these curry puffs were the least similar to empanadas. They were super light and flaky, like croissants but with a decidedly Asian flavor spectrum. (They also came with a little saucer of peanut dipping sauce on the side). When selecting your Puff Cha, definitely go with a broad selection, and at least six of them. The winners in my opinion were the beef and the crab rangoon.
The spicy pork ramen was also really delicious and lived up to its spicy description, don’t be tempted to adjust the spice level, there’s definitely no need for any additional Sriracha in this bowl.

An easy way to to cool off a post-ramen inferno; order a Thai iced-tea with some super sweet and rich condensed milk. Proof!

Puff Cha 457 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019

Photo: Cereal-milk Soft Serve


From Momofuku in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here is the description of the preparation:

From NY Magazine’s interview with the chef:

Cereal milk?
I never drank milk when I was a kid unless it was with really sweet cereal, and the only way that I’d actually drink the milk out of the bowl is if I’d had like three bowls of Lucky Charms.

How do you make it here?
We take corn flakes and toast them and steep them in milk, strain them, and then there’s a very small portion of sugar and salt just to balance it a little bit…

Schwartz’s Montreal

Every foodie worth his salt that visits Montreal or the Lower East Side in New York City tend to make their way to one of two meccas of smoked meats. I am pre-disposed to like everything in New York City better, as I’m a long time resident and food fanatic. However, I think I have to tip my hat to Schwartz’s in Montreal.

photo 3
The sandwich speaks for itself. “Smoked Meat” as opposed to pastrami. The rye bread acts only as a delivery system. They ask you how fatty you prefer it. I went with the medium, which was perfect, tender and delicious. My only complaint about the sandwich is the mustard. It’s too yellow. Give me some spicy brown.

The other great part of Schwartz’s is the poutine. AKA gravy fries with cheese curds. Katz’s definitely does not have this… and it’s delicious.
photo 2

“Schwartz’s” La Charcuterie Hebraique de Montreal 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, Canada.